Shhh.... Don't wake the babies

It is amazing what you can sneak in and do when the babies are sleeping! Specifically use a flash and a loud shutter click.
I love watching them sleep. So calm and peaceful. Because there are times that the entire day is a running race of screaming, crying and me pulling out my hair. But at the end of the day, there is nothing that makes me happier than being their mother, and my heart is full because of it. 


In my head for a moment

Saw this on a couple of blogs and I thought I would try it since I just had my 28th birthday.

Just had a smoothie made of frozen banana, milk, cocoa powder and honey with a slice of wheat bread with strawberry jam on it.

Bubble Guppies, per my kids' request.

Working on:
10 year high school reunion, preparing for leaving to Washington in 8 days to help my sister recover from a serious knee surgery, shampooing carpets and keeping the kids quiet downstairs while my husband sleeps a few more hours from working all night.

A vacation outside of the U.S. I have only been to Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Utah and Montana/Wyoming (Last two are just over the border for camping/tourist towns) and a corner of Arizona on our way to Disneyland. My husband lived in England for two years and I am jealous because I think a little English cottage in the country side sounds dreamy to me....

I have a lot of organizing to do but need to buy stuff for it. This is specifically what I have in mind, just have to find the stuff to do it with. I love this blog and look at her projects OVER AND OVER.
That I really want to buy a house to make my own but just not in the cards right now.
My husband is really amazing for my birthday gift on Wednesday. He did what I asked of him. I wanted him to do all the cooking and cleaning, including one load of laundry. This was a big deal since the last time was just over 2 years ago when Lilly was a newborn. When I talked to my sister she asked what I was doing, I said nothing. She was shocked until I explained. It was amazing.

To get off the last 26 pounds of unwanted weight. This may not sound like too much for some, but I am 5 feet tall. It might as well be 50. I do exercise, running is my true outlet. But I have to control my eating and it's hard when your home all day... The biggest thing is I just needed to move towards a clean eating diet (or as close to it as possible) for my family. If we are all doing it, it will be easier doing the same diet for us all instead of one for the kids/husband and one for me. (Which I have done, you crash and burn in my opinion/experience).
A house of my own.
A little something with 10 fingers and 10 toes, squishy cheeks and compact in size. A baby! Hoping to be holding one by fall of next year. My husband was on board after some persuasion, but said he wanted a couple of other things taken care of first. I do not plan on being past 30 having my last child. 

Looking forward to:
Enjoying my last two years in my twenties. I want to enjoy/take advantage of them and go out with a bang. I hear you really feel more confident in yourself in your 30's.
Seeing my family in Washington for over a week!
A family reunion at the end of July.

Pottery Barn Decor books from 10 years ago. They have like 5 or 6, got them at my library (which I dream of having in my home) and love them.

Closing down my shop next month due to lack of orders. I had a set budget of what I was allowed to spend to start out and can't spend more and get more products in it until I have revenue coming in. And there is only so much I can continue with after my month to month costs. It is heart breaking but reality and I have excepted it as a possibility. I have sent a couple of things off to some blogs and we will see where it takes us.

Blessed. I have a strong, hard working husband who makes it possible for me to be with our children everyday. For healthy children. For my son who wakes up early and cuddles me in my bed, a daughter who is sitting by me now because she needs to be close to me. She follows me everywhere. Most of the time I like it. We have a comfortable life and while there are things I want (shoes, clothes, a career sometimes for my own for self fulfillment, house, baby, a Monday-Friday/8-5 job for my husband, and a weekly date night where I have to dress up) I know that these things are just wants, and I have all I could ever need. And I love that.



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